NGK is a brand that generally forms spark plugs for all cars, and other two-wheeler or three-wheeler vehicles. To get NGK Genuine Spark Plug you must contact our customer support team so that they can fulfil your NGK spark plug requirement. Here you will get genuine spark plugs according to your need and vehicle. NGK plugs ensure that the user is secure from any kind of misfires, hard starts, reduced gas mileage, rough idling, and lack of acceleration. Zenith Auto Spare Parts is the largest exporter of NGK spark plugs from India. We talk about NGK original spark plugs iridium which is also an important element for your vehicle and increases the mileage of your two-wheeler & three-wheeler. We have various dealers and warehouses through which you can take or get your order on time. During transportation, if any problem arises you can contact us. Zenith Auto Spare Parts always work in the client’s niches and the only goal is to create trust and reliability as we deal internationally with many Aftermarket and OEM brands. We are the most reputable exporter with our special quality of rapid delivery and genuinity of packaging and the proper manner of shipment. You can easily make an order for your NGK spark plug online by contacting us and by following the procedure. We offer the best price from India.

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