Subject Verb Agreement for Beginners

Subject-verb agreement can be a tough concept to grasp, especially for beginners. However, understanding this concept is crucial to writing clear and grammatically correct sentences.

Subject-verb agreement refers to the agreement between the subject of a sentence and the verb that follows it. In other words, the verb must agree in number with the subject of the sentence.

Singular subjects require singular verbs, while plural subjects require plural verbs. For instance, “the cat runs” is a sentence with a singular subject, “cat,” and a singular verb, “runs.” On the other hand, “the cats run” is a sentence with a plural subject, “cats,” and a plural verb, “run.”

The most common errors in subject-verb agreement occur when the subject and verb are separated by other words. For example, in the sentence “the book, along with the pen and paper, are on the table,” the verb “are” is incorrect because the subject, “book,” is singular, not plural.

Another common mistake is when the subject is a collective noun – a noun that is singular but denotes a group of people or things. Collective nouns such as “family,” “team,” and “government” can be tricky because they can be singular or plural depending on the context. For instance, “the family is going to the beach” uses the singular verb “is” because the family is considered a singular unit. However, “the family members are all different” uses the plural verb “are” because the emphasis is on the individual members.

One way to avoid subject-verb agreement errors is to identify the subject of the sentence and determine whether it is singular or plural. Then choose the appropriate verb form, making sure they agree in number. It can also be helpful to read the sentence out loud to ensure that it sounds correct.

In summary, subject-verb agreement can be challenging to master, but it is an essential part of writing clear and grammatically correct sentences. By understanding the basic rules, avoiding common mistakes, and taking the time to check your work, you can improve your writing and communicate your ideas effectively.